Friday, 8 June 2018

Fun day

Hi Blog
Hi blog my name is Daphne (as you all ready know)i Just want to say how was you holiday on you all ready know again like was it cool or fun or I don't know what it was like but I just want to say my holiday was great because we went to the pools and got to go to rainbows end.Anyways do you know how I said a new word called Go.Zy well I am going to do something called question of the day so my question is what is your favorite color.
(BTW Go.Zy means go crazy) Bey 


  1. Thanks for sharing Daphne. Did you edit your sentences before you posted? How about adding a DLO?

  2. Hello Daphne,
    It's me Ina. Do you remember me?? We use to go to Hay Park School together since you left :(! I miss you so so much and can you remember your BEST BEST BESTIE! June? If you don't remember me I know you name is 'Daphne Lamati' ANYWAYS!! You did very very well on your work but do some editing on them to make them sound BETTER! I want you to come back to Hay Park School!

    See Ya Later Daphne <3