Monday, 3 December 2018

Summer Learning

Summer Learning Junior

YEAH... guess what, did you guess? Well Megan came and said that we are going to do another SUMMER LEARNING JOURNEY and it sounds like a big challenge.

Who ever is doing it please send me a comment on my blog oh and here is the link for it... Summer learning. ...

Oh and before i go can you do my challenge. But you need permission form an adult. Did you ask them? Okay. So go to the website and sign in, post and comment on blogs and say what you like about it. If you do it will be amazing for Megan.If you are doing it hope you luck. And here is a question. What do you like about school?


  1. Are you excited about doing the Summer Learning Journey? I look forward to reading your Bladerunner post.

    1. Oh I am very excited and a lit bit nervous.